Sirup Music Group


Sirup Publishing is a boutique autonomous publisher with global offices and networks, closely linked to the renowned Sirup Music record company. For over 20 years, Sirup Publishing has collaborated with authors and clients to ensure successful joint ventures. Our dedication to excellence in publishing encompasses diverse services such as administration, sync licensing, live rights management, and income tracking, along with a specialized department for neighboring rights collection.

With a rich background in music publishing and extensive global networking, Sirup Publishing excels in administration and collection services in the music industry. Operating internationally, we handle paperwork, PRO registrations, project management, and timely royalty collection while addressing any royalty-related claims efficiently.

Having over two decades of experience, Sirup Publishing prioritizes legal and administrative precision while adapting to evolving industry needs, offering a wide range of services to our partners.

Through an established international network, Sirup Publishing reaches beyond geographical boundaries to cater to a diverse global clientele. Our collaborations extend worldwide, working closely with artists, partners, and clients in different regions. Partnering with globally recognized talents and a network of trusted collaborators, Sirup Publishing has emerged as a prominent independent publisher, serving music supervisors, brands, production companies, and more.

Artist Development and Support are core principles of Sirup Publishing. In addition to administrative functions, we focus on nurturing our catalogs and supporting artists' careers. Collaborating with partners, we strive to enhance exposure for songwriters and composers through creative solutions, including A&R collaborations, artistic direction, and synchronization opportunities.

Contact: Sirup Publishing & Entertainment GmbH, Sihlbruggstrasse 105, 6340 Baar, ZG, Switzerland; E-Mail: webpage(at)